Welcome to Bombay Fish Co. – A Legacy of Excellence in Seafood

Our journey in the retail fish and seafood industry begins in 1962, founded by our visionary Grandfather, Bihari Lal Bajaj. From our humble beginnings as a retail outlet in Delhi's Ina market, we have evolved into a renowned destination for premium seafood experiences, upheld by the passion and dedication of the third generation of our family.

  • Our Legacy: A Rich Heritage of Quality

    At Bombay Fish Co., we cherish our legacy and take great pride in carrying forward the values
    instilled by our founder. With a strong foundation built on trust and integrity, we have flourished
    from a beloved retail outlet in Delhi's Ina market to establishing branches in Gurugram and
    Noida. Our name has become synonymous with excellence in seafood, cherished by
    connoisseurs and culinary enthusiasts alike.

  • Unparalleled Freshness and Quality

    We understand that nothing is more crucial in the world of seafood than freshness and quality.
    For years, we have been catering to distinguished 5-star hotels, esteemed restaurants, and top-
    notch caterers across Delhi and the NCR region. Our commitment to delivering the freshest
    catches has earned us the trust and loyalty of our valued customers.

  • Sourcing from the Best, Cultivating the Finest

    To ensure a diverse and premium selection, we source the finest catches directly from different
    parts of India's coastal regions. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing is
    evident in our own farms, where we carefully cultivate Tiger Prawns, Sea Bass, and Phanguis
    (Indian Bassa) with utmost care and dedication.

  • Preserving Freshness, Guaranteed

    At Bombay Co., we leave no stone unturned in preserving the impeccable freshness of our
    seafood. Each product is carefully stored at temperatures between 0 to 4 degrees Celsius to
    maintain its natural flavours and textures. Our meticulous team ensures that every item is ice-
    packed in air-tight containers, safeguarding its pristine quality until it reaches your plate.

A Promise of Excellence

We carry our legacy forward with the utmost dedication to excellence, upholding the values that have made Bombay Co. a name synonymous with unparalleled seafood experiences. Our passion for quality, our responsible sourcing practices, and our commitment to customer satisfaction form the heart of our business.

Join us in celebrating our rich heritage and experiencing the extraordinary flavours of the sea at Bombay Fish Co. Indulge in a seafood journey like no other, where every bite is a testament to our legacy of distinction.