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Bombay Fish Company

Singhara/Catfish fillet(500 gm)

Singhara/Catfish fillet(500 gm)

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Ignite your taste buds with Singhara Fillet. Also, known as catfish/Aar maach/ sourced from freshwater in India and also has many health benefits as its also low-calorie food rich in protein/omega 3 and omega 6 renowned for its unique flavor and firm texture. It has a single bone which can be easily taken out. Very popular for frying and curry. Very popular in the northern part of India. Meticulously trimmed and carefully examined, our fillets promise exceptional quality, freshness, and an unforgettable dining experience.

(gross wt 500gm;net wt 470 gm)

  • Hygienically vacuum packed                     
  • Temperature controlled 0-4 C
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